DJH Youth Hostel "Carl-Wentzel" Gorenzen


Come have your fill of sports and nature in the hostel in the forest

Welcome to our Hostel Gorenzen

You'll find the Gorenzen Hostel in a delightful forested setting in the southern Harz Mountains. Guests seeking peace and rest will find what they're looking for in this expansive property and the surrounding hiking trails. Our sports facilities are also available for groups looking for training retreats or simply just for fun. The Gorenzen Hostel is especially suited for groups, families, and bikers who wish to use the hostel as a base for exciting trips into the Harz Mountains and Kyffhäuser Region.

Popular destinations are Lutherstadt Eisleben, the "Europa-Rosarium" in Sangerhausen, the Mining Museum in Wettelrode and the resort town of Wippra. The well-known "Josephskreuz," largest cross of its kind, can be seen for miles around on the 580 m high "Großen Auerberg" near Stolberg and attracts numerous visitors every year.


Jugendherberge „Carl Wentzel“ Gorenzen
Hagen 2-4
06343 Mansfeld, OS Gorenzen

Tel.: 0049 - 34782 -  2 03 84
Fax: 0049 - 34782 -  2 13 57
E-Mail: gorenzen(at)
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